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By Sea

Sea transport is much cost-effective than air, Sea transport is generally more economical for bulk shipments, making it a preferred option for large quantities, Ships can carry much larger volumes compared to aircraft,

By Air

Air transport is much faster than sea, which is crucial for delivering in high demand or have a shorter shelf life.It Reduced Risk of Damage Air shipments are handled less and go through fewer climate changes during transit.

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What items do we export?

We export a variety of premium products from India, including spice powders, dehydrated and spray dried vegetable and fruit powders, and herbal items. We source them from the best farms and suppliers in India. We can also customize them for your needs

What are our delivery methods?

We provide worldwide delivery of our products through reliable courier services and shipping partners. Whether by sea, with options for Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL), or by air, according to your preference, we ensure the best logistical solutions. Our assistance includes selecting optimal routes, carriers, and ports for maritime shipping. Your products are guaranteed to be delivered securely and punctually.

How do we maintain quality and safety standards

We choose the best raw-materials from India's top farms to ensure they are pure and high-quality. Our experts check them from when they are planted until they are picked. After harvesting, we store them in a clean way right at the farms and use them when needed. This careful process lets us give our customers the best quality powders.

What factors influence our pricing strategy?

The pricing of our products is determined based on the market cost of raw materials and the specific type of product, such as Teja chilli with a heat level of 60,000 to 110,000 (SHU) and Birds Eye chilli ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 SHU. Additionally, the quantity ordered also influences the final price..

How can an order be placed with us?

Use the contact form on our website, or reach out via phone or email. We will promptly confirm and invoice your order. We’ll discuss the details of your order, including shipping methods, quantities, payment, and more. Once finalized, you can place your order. You also have the option to track your order's progress either through our website or by contacting us directly.

What are the terms for payment?

Our payment method is strictly through bank transfers. An advance payment, usually between 70% to 80%, is necessary to initiate your order processing. The balance is payable upon delivery via Letter of Credit (LOC) or similar arrangements. For bulk purchases and returning customers, we offer attractive discounts and incentives.

Are we properly licensed?

Certainly, we possess comprehensive licensing to export spices and associated products, adhering to standards set by APEDA, the Spices Board, FSSAI, FDA, and more. Our commitment to regulatory compliance affirms the legitimacy and reliability of our business practices.